How do we calculate best value?

We understand the investment that goes into buying a home and we want to help you on that journey. We are proud to be building the best value homes in Inverurie, with the lowest price per square metre when comparing our homes with other developers.

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Using this website you will be able to browse our homes across all of our current developments in Inverurie and compare them with other new build developers in the area.

We divide the price of the home by the floor area. This allows us to calculate the cost per square metre for the home. It lets you see exactly how much you are paying for the space within your home and allows you to compare our homes with other developers. We think you'll be surprised about how much added value you get when you choose Malcolm Allan Housebuilders.

We know other developers may change their prices, so if you spot any inaccuracies in our comparisons please email and we will update this.

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